My Favorite Blog on the Citadel

It speaks to my aspirations for this blog that I am already soliciting a Commander Shepard endorsement.

Hi there, I’m Tzufit. You may know me from such projects as Tree Heals Go Woosh (a now retired World of Warcraft blog), Justice Points (a podcast about gaming from a feminist perspective), or maybe Live From Satellite 5 (a Doctor Who podcast). Perhaps you know me from Twitter, where I mostly post gifs or confess that I’ve started crying while playing Mass Effect again. As you can probably gather from that list, I like to talk and I like to write, especially about video games, television, and other aspects of popular culture.

Enter Pop Culture Coven.

This blog will be a space for me to write about whatever I find interesting on any given day. Chances are that it will skew heavily toward pieces about TV and video games , so it may be helpful to know what my preferences are.

When it comes to TV, I am a sucker for serialized dramas. If it’s moody and an hour long I’ll probably enjoy it – bonus points if it’s science fiction or a mystery. I don’t watch very many sitcoms or comedies. Some of my favorite shows of all time are Lost, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Doctor Who, Parks & Recreation (to break my own no sitcom rule), and Farscape.

As for video games, my tastes tend to be much more eclectic. Very generally speaking, I prefer games with a strong emphasis on narrative that also have engaging combat. I primarily play PC games, though I am also a fan of many Nintendo titles. Some of my favorite games are the Mass Effect series, Transistor, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, The Sims 2,  and Skyrim.

I also enjoy games that have interesting stealth systems. My idea of a near-perfect stealth system can be found in Carmen Sandiego: The Secret of the Stolen Drums, a game you probably won’t remember or maybe have never heard of because it is generally accepted as terrible. I love that game. I probably need to dust off my GameCube and play it again.

I’ll have more to come soon with reviews of some games I am currently playing, and my thoughts on Season 8 of Doctor Who at its halfway point. Thanks for dropping by and giving my new project a chance.

One thought on “My Favorite Blog on the Citadel

  1. “This blog will be a space for me to write about whatever I find interesting on any given day.” We seem to have had the same idea on this front. Still working on my blog, however, and I did import all of my old blog content into it as well, which is why it’s taking me so long to tidy up. Go go Geek Blogging! 🙂

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